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Vadilal Happinezz is a sub-brand under Vadilal, a well-known Indian ice cream and frozen dessert company. Vadilal Happinezz is a range of ice creams designed to bring joy and happiness to consumers. It includes a variety of flavors and innovative products such as ice cream cones, cups, sundaes, and more.

ClientVadilal Happinezz
WorkProduct Video Shoot / Artist Management / Influencer Marketing

Artist Management

We carefully chose a diverse group of influential social media personalities, each with a significant following among Vadilal’s key demographic. Their unique niches and content styles ensured maximum reach and relevance.

Product Making Videos

Product Video Shoot

From eye-catching food photography to entertaining videos featuring creative ice cream concoctions, each piece of content highlighted Vadilal Happinezz as the go-to brand for refreshing and indulgent treats.

Influencer Marketing

In close collaboration with the selected influencers, we crafted authentic and engaging content for 17 branches of ice cream parlors in Ahmedabad city.